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Is Your Business Missing Out on These Key Elements?

Is Your Business Missing Out on These Key Elements

Posted By Compass Business Coaching
August 07, 2019 Category: Strategies, Business, Mindset

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Change Your Mindset; Change Your Life

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

Posted By Compass Business Coaching
January 06, 2019 Category: Mindset

What would you say about a situation when someone asks, "is the glass half-full or is it half-empty?" Your answer depends on your perception. How is it that two people can have such differing views of the same situation? The answer is simple: they have a different mindset. The way you view the world is a reflection of the way your brain interprets a situation. We all come from different circumstances, and have had different life experiences. It makes sense that you could have a completely different view from the person standing next to you. Data Entry Your brain is like a hard-drive in some ways. Both consciously and unconsciously, it stores what you put into it—especially the emotions you associate with an experience. What your brain doesn’t do is determine an unbiased value of that information—it recalls what has been stored, just like a hard drive would on a computer. In the case of a positive or negative experience, your brain takes that information in but does not “fact check” it for accuracy. For example; to a child, a stove is neither good nor bad. But if they are to touch it and burn their hand, their mind will associate a hot stove with pain. The same goes for many thoughts and experiences you may have. How many times in your life have you heard people or yourself say things like this: “I’m not good enough to…….” “Why can’t you be more l

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