Assessing Potential New Hires

Assessing Potential New Hires

Assessing Potential New Hires | Compass Business Coaching

Many business owners and managers hire team members based on previous work experience and interview abilities. Unfortunately, that approach has only a 50% chance of success.  A multi-level approach to hiring will yield a candidate that is ready to step into your organization and begin contributing.

Here are the steps:

  1. The interview process is very important. Notice I said PROCESS.  There should be multiple interviews in different types of settings. The more you meet with a candidate, the more comfortable they are and the more likely you are to uncover their true attributes and shortcomings.  
  2. Check references, but not only the references they provide you. With technology, you can research social media:  their LinkedIn connections and their Facebook posts.  Make sure you ask who the key customers and contacts were that they have worked with over the years. Especially at jobs prior to their current position. Talk to those customers about their experience working with the candidate. CAUTION: be careful not to speak to current customers unless the candidate has given you permission, so you don’t harm their current employment situation. 
  3. Last, utilize psychometric testing. Studies have shown that proper psychometric testing in concert with the interview process and reference checking increases a 50% success rate with a new hire to an 89% success rate!

If you don’t already have a three-phase hiring process, start defining one. It makes sense for most businesses to focus on interviewing and checking references and then add the psychometric testing phase. When you hire the right candidate, you can develop them into the superstar your business deserves. How would your business be performing if 9 out of 10 of the candidates that you hired were great employees?


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